Software Development

Software Development

Software is used for recording and tracking an asset all through its life cycle. It gives organizations essential information such as keeping records, daily weekly and monthly reports with a single click, profit and loss ratio, stock history, and any other related information. Software gives the facility to the business owner to run his business smoothly.

How do we differ from others in the sector?

Clickscapture team helps in increasing the overall business solutions of our clients. We have all the skills needed to get the job done excellently. From confident decision making to initiative and time management to strong communication and analytical skills, we are sure to help you and your business dominate the local and global market.


There are numerous benefits to taking Clickscapture services such as to maximize achieve corporate goals, and ensure efficient operations all throughout. Specifically the software developed by our team can help:

Time saver for everyone:

Imagine the time you will save when you work with Clickscapture for your business matter. You no longer need to search information connected to facilities, components, and other tangible assets through a time-saving communication with the use of equipment base, smart filtering, proper context, and getting rid of paper checklists. You can use the time saved for other important purposes or events.

Reduce security risks:

With our software, you can determine unauthorized software and prevent users from an attack of viruses in their mobile or computer devices. In return, it keeps a check on the potential costly damage risks caused by viruses. So, you can have peace of mind knowing the web and mobile applications of your valued clients won’t be in harm once they browse your page.

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Have you any Questions?

We know how precious your time is, and we are here to help you out. Our software development service offers the support, functionality, and efficiency to meet your organization’s needs.


Systems can be tailored according to your individual requirements. This eventually allows you to adapt to and prepare for the change with less or no distraction from the regular operation. Key control cabinets and locker modules can be added.

Easy updates:

Users can perform changes, moves, and adds quickly. With our service, it is always easy to keep the records of your assets up to date.


We offer are designed to enable authorized users to have access to stored items. Your system manager can monitor the data from desktops connected to the network.

Other features:

Online and mobile features are included, too. Now, you can manage your assets in real time and on the go. Track and manage your tangible or intangible assets using iOS devices, Android, or desktop.