smart contract

What is smart contract in blockchain? How will smart contracts create a revolution in the future?

Smart contracts can completely subvert existing business logic. Currently, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are widely discussed, yet self-executing smart contracts on the blockchain are often overlooked or even misunderstood. In the same way that the Internet has revolutionized the way people process information and communicates with each other, smart contracts will also fundamentally change the way …

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What is DAPP in crypto?

After the popularization of mobile Internet and smartphones in the past few years, I believe that almost everyone knows what APP (short for application). In the blink of an eye, we entered the blockchain era, and a new term, DAPP (Decentralized Application), appeared. I often see developers at the forefront of technology asking: What is …

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Future uses of NFT

The data brought by the blockchain cannot be tampered with, and all NFTs can circulate transactions safely, but what practical use does NFT have? The first prominent area is digital collectibles. For example, a crypto kitty, a piece of equipment in a large game, or a piece of art. NFT can correspond to all unique digital …

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What NFT stands for?

Nowadays, Artwork-related news based on NFT makes it almost impossible for anyone using the Internet to avoid using this term. No matter what social media platform and news media you choose. It also brings to mind many questions: What NFT stands for? NFT meaning? NFT vs Cryptocurrency? Is NFT a cryptocurrency? How NFT art is …

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What is Metaverse Technology?

Metaverse is a decentralized public blockchain technology. The technical architecture of Metaverse includes smart assets (Smart Property), digital identity (Avatar) and value intermediary (Oracle). The project will support the community in various financial and life applications based on smart assets are developed on its public blockchain. The Metaverse project was developed and maintained by the …

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