How to create NFT art?

how to create nft art
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NFT stands for non-fungible token. This is a unique digital asset that cannot be replaced. This means that a single NFT cannot be exchanged for another NFT. They can be found in video games or other digital environments where people can get, use, buy, sell, or trade them. OpenSea is one of the most famous NFT marketplaces.

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How do NFT payments work?

Every time you create a art work and sell it, you will get a prepayment, so that’s it. Buyers may recommend your work to friends and colleagues, and you will receive follow-up orders, but that’s almost everything. Once you learn best way to create NFT art free and start selling Digital Art NFT, you are no longer limited to one-time payments. Instead, you can earn lifetime royalties on subsequent sales that may occur in the future!

How to create NFT art free, step by step guide:

1.Buy Ether and build a crypto wallet

Creating NFTs can cost money. Therefore, you need an Ethereum wallet with Ethereum, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. The easiest to use is “MetaMask”. You can download the free MetaMask app to your iPhone, Android smartphone or install a browser extension. The price required to create an NFT is volatile.

2. Choose the right market

Whether you’re just learning how to create NFT art, or you’re a seasoned salesman, there’s one platform named OpenSea.

There are several reasons. OpenSea has the largest selection of NFTs in the market, with around 200,000 tokens in total at the time of writing. Furthermore, it is the most popular NFT trading platform

OpenSea is honored for a number of reasons, but it is important to mention that simplicity and user experience are the most notable. The marketplace is very easy to use and suitable for beginners in the field, but it also provides users with all the tools they need to start selling NFT art.

There are other options. Rarible is another popular platform worth checking out and exploring, with a niche-specific market. However, these marketplaces do not offer the exposure and options that OpenSea can.

So, if you want to learn how to create NFT art and start your NFT journey the right way, you can’t go wrong with OpenSea.

3. Connect OpenSea and create a collection

Now, to start creating NFTs, you need to log into OpenSea using your MetaMask wallet.

First, navigate to the top right corner of the OpenSea website screen and press the small wallet icon. Here, you need to select MetaMask.

nft connect metamask

After logging in, you need to go to the “Favorites” tab. It’s in the drop-down menu below your profile picture.

create nft art with opensea

After choosing to create a new collection, you’ll be taken to a page with various customization settings. Here you can choose a logo and banner for your collection, enter a description, create a custom URL, choose a category, and more.


Once you’ve dealt with the visual aspects, you’ll also need to organize your royalties, payment methods, and other data. The royalties need to be defined by you but cannot exceed 10%. This is the highest amount you can earn on OpenSea, and subsequent sales are paid in royalties.


You will also need to select the blockchain where your collection resides. This will also determine the tokens you can accept as NFT payments. If you’re just starting to learn how to make NFT art and aren’t very experienced with the whole crypto paradigm topic, then it’s best to stick with Ethereum and the Ethereum blockchain as your preferred payment method.

After finishing the collection, create it and wait for the page to reload. Once this happens, you will be sent to your collection – in the upper right corner of the screen, click to add an item. Here you will create your specific NFT.

4. NFT Creation and Publishing

We’re finally here – your NFTs will be here! However, to achieve this, you still need to fill out some forms and set your token properties.

The first thing you need to do is of course upload the file to the platform. This file can be almost anything – an image, a photo, a GIF, etc. If your NFT artwork consists of 3D images, the file extensions will be different – however, OpenSea should still support them.

After loading the file, naming it, and writing a description, you need to choose some properties and statistics for the NFT. They are mostly optional but will make your token more unique.

Once all of this is done, you can press “Create” again and that’s it – your NFT is created! You’ll be taken to the preview page and can see how it looks to your potential buyers.

create nft free on opensea

After that, once you’re sure you’re happy with the outcome of the NFT, you can go to the sale page and set the token up for sale or auction. Here you can choose the most suitable path for your specific non-fungible token!

nft price

OpenSea also allows private sales – you can specify a wallet address that can buy your NFTs. This is a great feature for a variety of reasons!

nft ready

After all, you can publish your NFT – a MetaMask wallet popup will appear with the gas fee you need to pay for the NFT. As can be seen from my NFT posting experience, these fees can be high! That’s why you should always try to time the market if you want to get better gas prices.

5. Cost of creating and selling NFTs

Some platforms will regularly remind you to set aside a portion of your profit for future selling of your work. Another delicate balancing act, as a higher ratio equates to more money per sale. It will, however, lower the number of people who resell your work because they are less likely to benefit from it.

Ether, WAX, and Flow are some of the most popular currencies on NFT trading platforms. Users are responsible for the computing resources required to pay for the processing and verification of blockchain transactions on most NFT trading platforms. Gas costs differ depending on the time of day.

The method of purchasing and selling NFTs on the marketplace is not as straightforward as it appears. Even though the buyer bid more than three times the original price of the token in less than 24 hours after the purchase, a person said he lost more than $200 on the NFT he got on Rarible for roughly $30 worth of ether.

While additional fees varies by site, many famous sites charge users gas fees as well as purchasing and selling fees for minting tokens. Most services also require digital wallets, so users must consider conversion fees between different forms of Ether.

6. Marketing your project

Now that you’ve published your NFT artwork, what’s next?

When you’re ready to sell your NFT on the NFT platform, go to “Settings” and choose the ERC-20 tokens. A drop-down list of numerous ERC-20 tokens can be found on the marketplace. To list digital assets on the marketplace, you may have to pay a fee. As a result, we advise that you carefully research the market in order to find a buyer.

If you want to sell your NFT to sell digital art, you must first decide how you want to sell it. Here you have three choices. “Fixed Price” allows you to establish a price and sell it immediately to someone (e.g. eBay). In a “unlimited auction,” anyone may continue to make offers until you accept one. Finally, NFT projects are a unique artistic expression that takes advantage of blockchain’s technical restrictions. Artists can use Opensea to create tokens for their digital work without having to know how to code. The procedure is also advantageous because there are no costs associated with the creation process.

The problem phase begins now: establishing a minimum price. If it’s too low, huge expenses can eat into your income and you may end up losing money. We will show the starting price of 1 ETH and allow people to submit offers within 7 days.

Whenever you update or make changes to your artwork, please fill out the form with the “Unlock After Purchase” option and send it to us. This allows you to provide your buyers with a high-resolution version of your work and additional information via a personal webpage or download link.

The most technical options on the form titled “Select Favorites” are below it. This is a complex question about how blockchains are built. The “Rare” option is the default option here, and we recommend that you keep it that way.

At first glance, the listing price seems low: in our case, it was only $5.91. But that’s just the beginning of the cost you’ll incur. To proceed, you must agree to a further fee to create your NFT.

If someone buys your NFT, there are also transaction fees and sales commissions. When we tried, we couldn’t find out if this was explicitly stated on the Openseas website.

Given the highly volatile complexity of calculating the cost of creating and selling NFTs, we want to be able to explain it clearly. However, the baffling complexity of blockchain technology, wild swings in the value of cryptocurrencies, and the lack of transparency on the platform itself make this impossible. So if you make a sale, you have to wait.


Creators quickly enter the NFT market and must understand in detail before doing so. They should also consider their reasons for joining it and the outcomes they hope to achieve. Companies like OpenSea help a lot with this; we recommend that you take advantage of their user-friendly interface and great service when creating digital artwork.

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