How to add Custom network to Metamask?

install meta mask
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Are you searching adding custom token to metamask? add smart chain network to metamask? How to add custom coin to metamask? add custom network to metamask? How to add token to metamask wallet? if yes you are in the right place. In this article, we are discussing each step in full detail. 

What is Metamask?

MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet for interacting with the blockchain. It allows users to access their wallets via a browser extension or mobile app on any blockchain, which can then be used to interact with decentralized applications.

How to install metamask

You can download the Metamask wallet on desktop or mobile:

Browser extension:

Step 1: Go to  the MetaMask website  and select the browser of your choice. Click ” Install ” for the browser of your choice and it will take you to the relevant download page. The steps we’ll perform here are based on the Google Chrome browser, but will work with other browsers as well.

install meta mask

Step 2: Click “Add to Chrome” and then ” Add Extension “.


metamask extension

After successfully installing Metamask wallet, follow the steps below to create a new account

How to Create a Metamask Wallet

Steps : After installing Metamask (whether it is a mobile phone or an extension), click the icon in the upper right corner to open MetaMask, read and accept the terms.


Create Metamask Wallet

Steps : Create a strong password and click  Create

Login to Metamask

Steps : You will see a 12 word seed phrase. Save the seed word as a file or copy it to a safe location and click  “I have copied it to a safe place”.

At this point, you have successfully created a new account in Metamask

How to add custom network to metamask?

Here we are adding Avalanche blockchain into metamask. You can add any network.

Avalanche blockchain into metamask

  • Step 1 : Open and log in to Metamask
  • Step 2: Click the Network drop-down menu

RPC metamask

  • Step 3: Select Custom RPC / Add Network
  • Fill in the text boxes as follows:
  1. Network Name : Avalanche Network (your choice)
  2. New RPC URL :
  3. Chain ID : 43114
  4. Graphic Symbol : Avax
  5. Browser :


Avalanche Mainnet

Then click on ” Save “

Your Metamask should now be connected to the Avalanche network

How to add custom coin to Metamask wallet?

When you first access any blockchain, you may only have access to that blockchain’s native token (ETH for Ethereum, BNB for Binance Smart Chain).

To add custom tokens or any other cryptocurrency on Metamask

Step 1: Navigate to “Import Token

add custom token into metamask

Step 2: Copy and paste the token address to the Token contract address field. If the address is correct, other information will be filled in automatically and ” Add custom token ” is enabled. click it.

add token into metamask

Note: To check if the Token contract address is correct. Go to the explorer corresponding to that blockchain and search for token.

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