Future uses of NFT

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The data brought by the blockchain cannot be tampered with, and all NFTs can circulate transactions safely, but what practical use does NFT have?

The first prominent area is digital collectibles. For example, a crypto kitty, a piece of equipment in a large game, or a piece of art. NFT can correspond to all unique digital collections, and can guarantee that this collection will always belong to someone.

Another direction is to use NFT to correspond to the existence of the physical world, such as an artwork, a car, or even a person. Just like a house needs a deed, the ownership of unique physical assets can also be embodied by NFT. In this way, physical assets are digitized and can be easily circulated.

NFT compared with physical assets:

NFT also has the characteristic of being easy to divide. For example, after digitizing NFT real estate, it is much easier to allocate according to the proportion of each holder than to divide the physical objects. This kind of division method is not limited to real estate, but can be expanded to something like Artwork, any object that can be digitally identified with NFT.

More future uses are still being explored. All in all, the characteristics of NFT enable new changes in the future market and investment patterns, but will this technology be a trend or a hype? It will be time to verify.

Different Types of NFT’s:

All in all, non-homogeneous items that can be stored in the blockchain in digital form can basically become NFT products, but the current common NFTs are as follows:

  • Images, paintings and other artworks
  • game
  • Player card
  • Film
  • music
  • Virtual character
  • insurance
  • gif

As well as other derived blind cartridge Mystrybox (Mystery box) This mechanism is similar to the draw, which random digit wrapped works.

Because this field is very new, in addition to the above, there are still many new applications in the future.

NFT as identity recognition system:

In fact, NFT is also very suitable as an identity recognition system. In the future, if personal passports can be converted into NFTs, so that each person’s identity has a unique and difficult-to-forge recognition mechanism, various immigration procedures can be simplified.

Where to buy NFT?

NFT is a very new field. At present, the channels that can trade NFT are gradually increasing.

Let me share one first, the NFT exchange launched by Binance, the world’s largest virtual currency exchange

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