How to install truffle?

How to install truffle?
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In this article, we will see what is truffle and how to install truffle?

What is Truffle?

Truffle is a DApp development framework. It’s not to be confused with truffle-contract, which is a smart contract interaction library and abstraction similar to Web3.js.

Truffle is fantastic because it can be used as the foundation for developing distributed apps using Unit Testing and continuous integration procedures.

How to install truffle?

The URL for the website is

There are three points in particular worth mentioning:

  1. The compilation, linking, deployment, and binary management of smart contracts are all built-in. You’ll quickly see that there are several solidity compiler implementations in Ethereum. If you have numerous contracts that need to be linked together, as well as a team that is working on them as part of a development chain, a fixed path for deployment and compilation is just what you need.
  2. Automated Contract Testing for Speedy Development: With immutable smart contracts on the blockchain, all you have to do now is test, test, and test again.  Truffle’s built-in testing infrastructure, which includes the development chain, makes unit testing a breeze. JavaScript and Solidity can both be used to test.
  3. Deployment Network Management: It’s always good with multiple blockchains and multiple developers.

How does truffle work?

Truffle is a javascript library that’s based on NodeJs.

So, before you can install and use truffle, you must first install Node and the Node Package Manager (NPM). On this page, you can find Node for all platforms:

After installing Node, now the question is how to install truffle using npm?  you can use any command-line interface to communicate with npm (Terminal on Mac/Linux, PowerShell on Windows).

Type npm install -g truffle to install truffle.

This should install truffle all over the place. Because truffle and npm lack an automated update mechanism, you may need to manually update truffle from time to time. Normally, this entails uninstalling and reinstalling truffle.


Please see the Official Truffle Documentation for guides, tips, and examples.

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