What is Metamask? Where do I get started?

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Do you want to learn more about what is metamask and NFTs but don’t know where to begin? Are you interested in cryptocurrency but the wallet is too difficult or frightening?

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency and NFT wallet available as a mobile app or browser plugin, providing a simple entry point into the world of blockchain applications and assets.

What is Metamask?

MetaMask is designed to act as a wallet and ID for blockchain-based online applications built on Ethereum. It promises a more secure and private browser experience in addition to providing users with access to encryption and NFTs. The only issue is that once consumers have all of their data, they cannot afford to lose or leak it.

MetaMask is available for iOS, Android, and Chrome.

MetaMask is accessible as a free mobile app for iOS and Android, as well as a desktop browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge. If you’re using Firefox, Brave, or Edge, go to the MetaMask download page, scroll down to Supported Browsers, and click on the icon for your browser. Install it like any other software or extension from there.


The screenshots in this article are from MetaMask as an Edge extension, so what’s on the screen may differ if you’re following an app or another browser extension.

How to Begin with a MetaMask Account

MetaMask is essentially a cryptocurrency wallet. If you wish to connect with blockchain applications through your MetaMask account, you might be asking if you can link your existing wallet. The answer is “maybe.”

When you first sign up, there is a page where you may enter your recovery phrase to link your existing wallet to your new MetaMask account.

A recovery phrase for an existent blockchain wallet was entered at the time of writing, however, MetaMask could not recognize it.

According to app reviews, MetaMask does not work with all hard wallets, therefore this could be a flaw with MetaMask. It is simple to set up a new MetaMask account as a browser plugin. The most difficult phase is deciding on your seed phrase, which will become your recovery phrase. If you’re familiar with cryptocurrency wallets, you’ll understand this notion.

How to Keep Your MetaMask Wallet Safe

In essence, your 12-word recovery phrase will act as a backup if you are unable to get into your account. Because MetaMask sees itself as the cornerstone of your identity on the new Internet, someone else gaining access to your account is equivalent to someone gaining access to your Social Security number – not simply your cash and cards.

The settings page suggests writing down the recovery phrase and saving it somewhere safe or using a trusted password manager.

Once you have the recovery phrase, you must select the words from the thesaurus in the correct order to ensure proper copying. After you finish this quiz, the confirmation page will notify you that you are now ready to use MetaMask.

How to Login to a MetaMask Account

After installing the MetaMask browser extension, you can use it by going back to the MetaMask website and logging in. Of course, because it’s a browser extension, you can also select the MetaMask logo from the extension toolbar at the top of the browser window, near to the search bar.


Using the extension toolbar to access MetaMask shows a brief glimpse of the network and assets that MetaMask is working on. It also indicates whether your MetaMask account is linked to the site you’re browsing. If you discover one, you can connect your account by clicking a button on the website.


You can also use the website or extension interface to purchase, sell, or trade assets in the wallet. You can pay using a bank transfer, a credit card, or a debit card. You can also exchange ETH in your account for other supported tokens or transfer ETH from another wallet. By clicking on your account name, you can copy your public wallet address to the clipboard at any moment.

Because MetaMask is critical for security, you will need to log in to your account again when you restart your browser. We tested recovery phrases to reset passwords, and they work, but we promise they will be easier to remember.

Personalizing Your MetaMask Account

By clicking the stacked dots icon in the upper right corner and selecting Account Details from the results menu, you may access your account from the extension or website interface. This will show a QR code as well as a text representation of the public address. You can also modify it whenever you like by clicking the pencil symbol to the right of your account name.

Metamask account

You can also alter MetaMask’s network from either interface so that it can support other blockchains. To open a drop-down option for other supported networks, click the field that says Ethereum mainnet (default MetaMask network). The custom RPC entry at the bottom allows you to add networks that are not on the regular list of supported networks.

Is it finally time to put on MetaMask?

MetaMask is not the online passport that it claims to be. Not yet, at any rate. MetaMask is a forerunner in the new field of Internet design. One day, it may truly fix our online identity, security, and financial issues. MetaMask does not do all of these things, but that does not make it unimportant. Even as we wait for the next generation of the internet to emerge, MetaMask is an easy-to-use wallet that provides you with everything you need to discover the future of blockchain and decentralized applications.

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