What is Metaverse Technology?

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Metaverse is a decentralized public blockchain technology. The technical architecture of Metaverse includes smart assets (Smart Property), digital identity (Avatar) and value intermediary (Oracle). The project will support the community in various financial and life applications based on smart assets are developed on its public blockchain. The Metaverse project was developed and maintained by the Weiyou team in the early stage. When the project reaches a certain level of maturity, its code will be open-sourced and published on GitHub, and the Weiyou team will develop the BAAS platform on the Metaverse blockchain for enterprises. Level users provide technical and commercial support services.

You may have seen parts of Metaverse in an independent form, such as games or training courses. There is currently no connective tissue that holds all these components together.

If you have played Pokemon Go and captured a creature that can only be seen on your phone, it is augmented reality (or location-based entertainment, if you want to be picky about it).

virtual meeting

Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms is an example of mixed reality. You use Oculus Quest 2 to join the virtual office space, but you can also see your hands and keyboard. In addition, colleagues who have not joined the meeting through the VR headset can join the meeting through the video source displayed in the virtual world, just like in a real-time meeting room.

Metaverse or MVS:

Metaverse, or MVS for short, is a decentralized blockchain platform developed by the Weiyou team commissioned by the Swiss Metaverse Foundation. It is the first public blockchain developed by the Chinese.

Avatar as a Human in Metaverse:

The Metaverse blockchain integrates digital identity authentication (Avatar) and value intermediary (Oracle) service frameworks. Users can register and issue digital assets on Metaverse to realize value transfer on the blockchain. By registering as a valued intermediary, you can also provide point-to-point authentication, depository and other services to the system and realize the blockchainization of the business model.

Metaverse’s technical model

Digital Identity-Avatar

Avatar is an online status symbol, which can represent people holding smart assets on the Metaverse blockchain. All valuable information will be attached to Avatar’s unique index, and the privacy of the information will be protected by cryptography. Unless the owner of the Avatar authorizes the access to the information, it is impossible to obtain an Avatar’s encrypted or non-encrypted information.

One Avatar can have multiple types of smart assets, and one type of smart asset may also be jointly owned by multiple Avatars. Avatar and smart assets have a many-to-many relationship.

Oracle-Value Intermediary

Oracle plays the role of a value intermediary in the Metaverse blockchain. For example, hosting Oracle can keep physical assets and then issue smart assets on the chain. Identity authentication Oracle can provide proof of the relevance of personal information and Avatar on the chain.

Metaverse Wallet

Metaverse Wallet is an online web wallet compatible with platforms such as Windows/Linux/MacOS. Users can use Metaverse Wallet to store Metaverse assets or publish their own digital assets on the Metaverse blockchain. The Metaverse Wallet can be downloaded on the official website of Metaverse.

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