Meaning of What?

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Are you looking for the meaning of “what meaning in English“? Well, it means you are not an English native person. Don’t worry, in this article; you will learn the meaning of what? First, we need to know the definition and meaning of what?

Definition of What:


We use what in questions when someone inquires some specific information that they are not known. For example 

1 What news did you get from there? (Indicates the situation of asking about something)

2 Tell me what you are looking for? (False finger, which means something that is not sure)

3. Why are you laughing? (It means to ask about the possibility that is not included in the word or series of words in front of it)


 You use what after specific words, particularly verbs and adjectives, when you are alluding to a obscure circumstance or has not been indicated. For example, You can imagine what it would be like driving a car into a brick wall at 30 miles and 60 minutes. 

I want to know what happened to Amir 

Do you know what those idiots have done? 

We had never seen anything like it before and could not see what to do next. 

 What is likewise a Determiner:

I didn’t have the idea what school I needed to go to. 

I didn’t have the idea what else to say.

You use what to indicate that you are talking about the whole of an amount that is available to you.

He drinks what is left in his glass as if it were water. 

He moved carefully over what remained of partition walls. 



You use what in exclamations to emphasize an opinion or reaction.

For example:

What a horrible thing to do. 

What a busy day. 

You say ‘What‘ to express surprise. For example 

What! Do you want Saturday off as well? 


I hope after reading this article, you learn the meaning of what in English.

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